A Breath of Fresh Air for a Mid-century Home
The Project
This client lived in a beautiful, historic neighborhood, so they wanted to avoid an extensive remodeling project. Their goal was to make the space more open and airy. Other window treatment options were either too heavy and closed off or didn’t provide the functionality and versatility they were hoping for.
After a free consultation with the EsVata team, we decided on a small window renovation to create a more contemporary look with beautiful and functional white shutters.
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The Installation
In a historic home like this one, it’s essential to preserve the period details while delivering what the client has asked for. Collaborating with the client, we chose light colors for the shutters and hardware to maintain the airy feel and avoid stealing the spotlight from the client’s beautiful accent pieces. To keep the image clean, we chose hidden tilt shutters with no tilt rods in the front. The top and bottom louver are split to offer better control of lighting and airflow, which helps reduce the heat in the room even more efficiently than dual-pane windows.
A shutter color that was different than the wall color would have broken up the visual plane. Using the same color for the shutters allowed the features to blend and created the illusion of more space. Vertical features like thin, dangling light fixtures and tall shutters draw the eye up and make the room seem taller as well.
The Results

Each room now looks cleaner and more open, with vibrant pops of color highlighted in the client’s pre-existing accept pieces. The shutters’ L frames went over the casing to cover the old seams, creating a perfect finish. The result is a prominent but not overbearing new feature that’s consistent throughout the space.

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All of our customers are so pleased with the results
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All of our customers are so pleased with the results
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